Hello, fellow wannabe!

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of full-time RV living for years, or maybe it’s something you’ve just started thinking about.

You’ve probably already decided that your dad’s “American Dream” isn’t for you.  You’re fed up with the daily grind, living for the weekends.  You want to have more experiences, to travel more and spend more time with your family.

Like us, you might be worried that life is passing you by.  You believe that there is more to life than work and 2 weeks of vacation per year.

People don’t understand that you want more out of life.  But we do.  We get you because we’ve been there.  We ARE there.  And we’re on this journey together.

So come, pull up a camp chair.  Warm yourself by the fire.  Let’s chat.

What We’re About

Creating a counter-cultural lifestyle comes with challenges: people don’t understand, it’s hard finding resources and figuring out how to support this type of lifestyle.  We feel you!  That’s why we created The RV Wannabes.

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We promise to make our content useful and inspirational.  Here are the topics we’ll address.

Minimalist Lifestyle

The RV life is a means to living a minimalist lifestyle, but even if it weren’t in an RV, we would still be pursuing minimalism.  For us, this means eliminating excess so that we can focus on what’s really important.

On our site, you can find articles about how we are pursuing a minimalist lifestyle in our home and as we downsize into an RV.  Minimalist living is not just about stuff, it is a mindset shift and recognize that it is an ongoing process.

For wannabe minimalists, we hope you find inspiration to achieve the life that you long for.

RV Living

We spent 6 months living in our RV semi-stationary in Colorado. We learned a lot along the way- the purchase, the renovation, moving in and finding a place to park… and all the nitty-gritty that goes with it.  We want to share it all with you!

For the many RV wannabes out there like us, we hope you find resources and support here as you pursue this unconventional way of life.  We promise not to sugar-coat it and to give you insight into what it truly takes to make this tiny lifestyle a reality.

Travel, Homeschooling, and Working from the Road

These are some other topics that the blog will cover as they relate to RV Living in one capacity or another!  If you are a wannabe nomad like we are, we’ll cover what you need to know!




When we started getting serious about RV living, we had a lot of questions.  We watched countless YouTube videos (we still do!) and followed full-timers on Instagram.

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