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Choosing the Right Host for your Self-Hosted WordPress Site | Start Blogging #1

So you want to start a blog

You like to tell stories. You may even fancy yourself a writer.

You think, maybe you could have a blog.

Not like a tell-everyone-my-life-story type blog, but a legit, side-hustle blog that people actually read. It may even help fund your full-time travel lifestyle!

You know if you are going to do this, you want to do it RIGHT. That’s why you chose to set up a Self-Hosted WordPress site. But where to begin?

Self-Hosting your blog

Self-hosting means that you choose a 3rd party to host your WordPress site and that you own that site and all of its content.

A self-hosted WordPress site also means that you have full control with plug-ins, themes and everything as it pertains to your site. YAY!!

But first, you need to decide who you want to host your site. But with so many hosting companies out there, how do you decide?

If you are like me, you want a web host that is reasonably priced, but easy to use with GREAT customer service (because while I am pretty computer literate, there are definitely techy things that go WAY over my head!)

don't choose the wrong hosting services

WARNING: DO NOT TAKE THIS STEP LIGHTLY. I have gone with the cheapest and guess what? It was a NIGHTMARE! I wanted to start a second blog, but I thought “I think I could save some money, I’m going to go with [a company-who-shall-not-be-named].”


Long story short, I needed help with something. Something not too complicated, but above my technology pay grade, so-to-speak. It took DAAAAYS to hear back from customer service EACH TIME and there was a lot of times because their answers were so short and not conclusive.

So, I went back to my initial company, the one I didn’t want to pay for (which, by the way, was not even that expensive!) and guess what?! I got on live chat with them and they fixed my issue in a matter of minutes. MINUTES! So much time and energy was wasted because I tried to save a few dollars. Face-palm!

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Choosing a Host

Okay, so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. The hosting company I use is Siteground.

Not only does Siteground have affordable hosting plans, cheetah speed and fortress-like security, but was their customer service that won me over. And continues to win me over EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Siteground now handles everything for my sites from registering domain names to hosting my self-hosted WordPress sites. And I didn’t even mention all the extras: trainings, ebooks, discounts on themes… basically everything you could need to make your website successful.

Because when it comes to your blog, you want to tell stories, you want to write. NOT spend hours on frustrating tech issues.

Hosting for Writers

I started another self-hosted WordPress site today. I started with Siteground and it took me approximately thirty minutes to get it up and running. From choosing my domain name to publishing my customized theme. Start with Siteground and save yourself the headache.

After all, you want to WRITE! So don’t waste any more of your time on the other stuff.

CLICK HERE to get started with Siteground RIGHT NOW.

And if you are seriously considering making money blogging, check out our Blogging Resources page for some great resources to help you get started!

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