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When you are deciding to travel full-time as a family, you are also deciding to homeschool your kids (if you aren’t already!).  For many, this is a difficult and overwhelming decision.  For that reason, we’ve compiled these resources to help those wanting to homeschool on the road.


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This post offers some great tips with links to other articles and resources if you are looking for tips about homeschooling on the road.


The Full-Time RV Families Facebook group is a great place to connect with other full-time RVers who have kids and are homeschooling from the road.


Check out this Road-Schooling Family

We love the Elementary Explorers!  They post weekly videos of their travels and it’s easy to see how they incorporate their adventures into their schooling.  Talk about hands-on learning!  Watch and be inspired!


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Books about Homeschooling

This book was the first book I read about homeschooling and is a phenomenal resource for anyone wanting to homeschool their kids.  This book focuses on the classical style of homeschooling.

This book is a great book for those looking for a Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling.  It is also written from a Christian perspective and inspires parents who are considering educating their children.

This book has been blowing up my Instagram feed lately and is an inspiration to those who are considering homeschooling.  The author homeschooled 5 children and also is a homeschool coach.


Materials for Learning

Tina Wann is a full-time traveler and homeschooling mama.  She has written for our blog and is a joy to follow- you can find her on Instagram at We Live On a Bus.  She is the author of The Explorer’s Notebook.

We love this set of books by Julia Rothman!  The illustrations are gorgeous and are great for unit studies!

These phonics sets have been great for helping my son learn to read!   You can get the different levels on Amazon (we pick ours up at the library)

We use these notebooks for drawing and handwriting practice.  Each page is half blank and half lined.  They are great!

We use Math-U-See for our math curriculum.  This tackle box fits all the math blocks (manipulatives) perfectly!

These books are great for keeping younger ones occupied while you teach the older kid(s).

Curriculum Resources

Below is a list of resources that we love and curriculum we have used.  By no means is this an exhaustive list (which would go on and on).  We believe your best resource is other homeschoolers, so reach out to those you know or find people on Instagram/Facebook and ask what people are using and what they love!


We are currently using the Layers of Learning curriculum for History, Science, Geography and the Arts.  We love it because you can teach multiple age kiddos from the same guide, it’s super affordable, and you can do the entire thing digitally!


This is what we are using to teach our boys to read.  We’ve tried a few others but this one has been great!



We use Rosetta Stone to teach Spanish to our kids.  This program is great and you can do the entire thing online!


For character study, we have started using resources from The Big Life Journal.  They have a ton of free resources as well as paid programs.


For Bible, we do memorization of verses and use The Action Bible to learn Bible stories.  We also incorporate a Christian worldview in all the subjects we study.




We love Half a Hundred Acre Wood for all the FREE resources and some paid resources.  We use the cursive curriculum and a lot of the free resources!


Classical Conversations is a great Christian Classical curriculum that has community-based options for families who don’t travel.  We decided not to use this program because it seems to work best in community, but there are those that choose to do it without.  There are a lot of resources on their site for people considering homeschooling as well.


While we don’t personally use them, we have heard great things about The Good and the Beautiful curriculum.  They even have some free unit studies from time to time posted on their website.


Wild + Free isn’t a curriculum, but more of a way of doing life.  They have a lot of great resources for homeschoolers who wish to incorporate adventure into their daily activities.


Math-U-See is the curriculum we use for math and we LOVE it!  It is great for kids who need hands-on learning and it is a work-at-your-own-pace program.



Each family ultimately has to decide what works best for them!  We’d love to help in any way we can- feel free to contact us below with any questions you have!


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