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Full-Time RVers Favorite Products for RV Living

Downsizing for full-time RV life

We’ve been adjusting to full-time RV life after downsizing our 3 bedroom home into a 300 sq ft fifth wheel.  Through this process, we’ve had to decide what to keep, and what to get rid of.  We’ve re-evaluated our belongings and each time we pack up to go dump (twice weekly) is another chance to decide if something deserves to stay or needs to go.  We do think that there are many products that make RV living a little easier.

Minimalist Mindset

One thing that has been super important to us is that we go into the process of downsizing with a minimalist mindset.  We believe there is a difference between “let’s see what all we can fit in our rig” and “let’s see how little we can take with us.”

For me, clutter is a huge contributor to anxiety and frustration in my home.  Trust me, I’ve seen my share of cluttered RVs and I did NOT want our home to look like that!  But I know how easy it can be to get cluttered in a small space.  Which is why we need to be intentional with every item that comes into our new tiny home.

We also know the benefit of learning from other peoples’ experiences!  That’s why we polled Instagram to see what OTHER full-time RVers wouldn’t live without.  See below for the list of products that they said were crucial for RV living.

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rv families share their favorite products for rv living

Our Top 3 Products for RV Living

You’ve seen plenty of posts about products that every RVer needs.  Well, if you are trying to live minimally, you know that most things aren’t NEEDS.  That being said, there are many things that can make living tiny in an RV just a bit easier.

For us, there are a few things that we just wouldn’t want to live without.  Here are 3 things we are glad to have in our tiny home on wheels.


#1:  But first, coffee

We love making coffee in the morning using this collapsible pour over coffee drip from GSI Outdoors.  This is also great for boondocking (parking without hookups) because you just need hot water.  We have been using this when we tent-camp for a while now and we decided to take it with us the RV. The best part is- it takes up almost no space!

We use it with our Krups electric kettle like this one:


#2:  Safe and delicious drinking water

Truth be told, this is a product that we wouldn’t want to live without in a sticks-and-bricks either.  We just love our Berkey Water Filter.  The black carbon filters out 99.9999999% of pathogenic bacteria (log 9 reductions) and 99.999% of viruses and is classified as a water purifier!  This is super important as we begin traveling because we don’t ever have to worry about the safety of our water supply.  We also added the fluoride filter to our set up!  This water is the best we have ever tasted!

Be sure to order from their website as they have bundle deals, sales, and scratch and dent options too!  Use the link below for 5% off your order plus free shipping!  Our Berkey filter system was worth every cent and inch of real estate in the RV!


#3:  Our Essential Oils Diffuser

Yeah, yeah, we’re “those people”.  We like our water fluoride-free and we use essential oils for everything.  But really, with a diffuser this pretty, can you blame us?  Plus we think Young Living has the best oils money can buy and we’re happy share the love with others.  You can get your own Desert Mist diffuser and starter oils HERE.


What do other people say?

We polled our Instagram audience and asked other RVers what products THEY wouldn’t live without and here are their favorite products for RV living!


This one is on the top of our list of things we need to get and comes recommended by Ready Set Go RV:  The Level Mate Pro Bluetooth leveling system.  Set your “level” settings once and level your RV using your phone!  So cool!


Bacon’s on the Road recommend this dust buster vacuum by Black+Dekker, saying this is game-changer when you are RVing with kids!

Rolling with the Reads and The Horn Family recommend the Rhino Blaster for flushing the black tank!

Scenic Route Commute, Kourtney, and Alexa all recommend the Instant Pot!  We love ours too, but finding room to store our 8 Qt is a bit of a pain.  We recommend RVers go with a 6 Qt like this one:


The Scott Family recommends a stove top cutting board like this one to add additional working counter space!

That Cute Little RV Family recommend a dehumidifier like this one to cut down on moisture in the RV.

Brett and Meredith wouldn’t live without this air quality monitor which lets them know the temperature and humidity in their RV even when they’re away.  That way they can make sure their dogs are safe when they have to leave them!

Cortni of The Flipping Nomad also loves her coffee!  She prefers to use an Aeropress, which also just requires that you add hot water!  This makes it great for boondocking, which she does almost exclusively.

Mini Winnie Adventures and Amy both recommend air purifiers to help keep the air fresh and free of “stank!”  Amy likes this one by Winix:

Monica and John wouldn’t want to be without their Hughes Autoformer.  We had not heard of this before, but they tell us that it helps with low voltage, which can ruin circuit boards (like in your AC unit).  Bonus- it also acts as your surge protector.  Available in 30 or 50 amp.


What’s clear is that each RVer has found an RV product or two that makes living in an RV that much easier.  If you have a product to share, let us know and we’ll add it!


Did you know?

Did you know that we poll our growing Instagram audience each week to find out how other full-time RVers are living their best RV life?  Be sure to follow us so you can learn from the pros or add your two cents!



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