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Here are Our Favorite Blogging Resources

Are you looking to start a blog but aren’t sure where to start?  Here are some of the resources we have found incredibly helpful for creating a profitable blog!

Also, be sure to check out our series of posts on how to Start Blogging!

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FREE training/webinars:

Sticky Blogging FREE Webinar offered periodically!  Only happens a few times a year- check it out!

Blogging Camp webinar.  Put on by 3 Full-Time RVers and packed with great content to help you get started making money from your blog!

Melyssa Griffin has a ton of great FREE and paid resources on her site and rotates through FREE webinars as well.


Need to learn SEO to drive organic traffic?  Have no idea what SEO even is and why it’s important?  Debbie Gartner is a master of SEO and she has two great ebooks that we have read and use in our posts.  Google generally takes 6-9 months to pick up a new blog, so getting started right away with SEO principles is super important!

Get your copy of Easy On-Page SEO (for beginners) and Easy Backlinks for SEO

Paid Training:

Sticky Blogging was the first paid blogging course I ever did and it focuses on the WRITING part of blogging:  how to write posts that people want to read and how to turn readers into true fans.  Done by Kelly Holmes of Happy You, Happy Family (formerly Idealist Mom).  I highly recommend this course as it focuses not just on good writing, but good BLOG writing.  Worth every cent!

Blogging Camp: Beat the Bloggers Blues is a course by 3 full-time RVers who all blog for a living.  This course teaches more about foundational stuff like knowing your audience, content strategy and how to monetize.  This is a great course/coaching program that I highly recommend!

The 10-Hour TIme Block Strategy is great when you are wondering how to find time to work on your blog and exactly WHAT to work on to give you the maximum benefit.


If you want a blog that you have full control over, that you own and that you can monetize, WordPress is the only way to go.  (Trust me, I’ve tried others!)  Make sure you are using wordpress.ORG and not wordpress.COM.  It is a SELF-HOSTED WordPress site which means you will need to buy hosting.

I use and LOVE Siteground for my hosting and highly recommend them for hosting WordPress sites!  You can read more about the importance of choosing the right host in this post about why I chose Siteground.

If you are going to start a blog, you will need an email program!  There are many good ones out there, but we use MailChimp.  I think it is easy to use and looks great.  Email automation is now included in their free service as well as landing pages.  If you are new to lead capture and email automation, MailChimp is a great option!

Freelance Services

You can also use your writing skills to start a freelance business writing content and copy for other businesses.  Your blog can be a great way to promote and showcase these skills.  Learn more about how you can earn money as a freelance copywriter.


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