full-time RVing couple


We are Austin and Jenny Hedrick.  In the summer of 2016, we decided that we wanted to travel the country in an RV.  For a year or so… someday.  But the urgency and scope of our dream quickly escalated.  We were obsessed. 

We started binging on YouTube, learning everything we could about RVs and families who travel full-time.  We followed accounts on Instagram of RVers, Van Lifers, and tiny home dwellers.

We knew we had to do it.  We just didn’t know when or how.  While the details change often, the plan remains the same- to move our family of five into an RV as soon as possible.  Pay off debt.  Work together.  Travel.  Homeschool.  Together with our three beautiful children, we are chasing our dreams of full-time RVing!

Join us for the journey!  We will share what we learn along the way, the mistakes we make and how we overcome obstacles.  We hope that our journey inspires you to chase after your dreams so that you can live the life of your choosing!

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